Ecommerce development

Healthcare Application Development

We provide digital solutions to the healthcare industry. Our team focuses on building
customized healthcare solutions for hospitals, clinics and other providers to make their
patient care better, secure the PHI and balance the costs. With our apps you can book
your doctor appointments online, get remote healthcare services, keep track of your
medical records, and much more. We are focusing on making remote consultation the new
normal. Our apps help you to monitor your physical activities and keep track of your

On-Demand Grocery Delivery
App Development

As a leading grocery delivery app development company we provide you the best custom and
white label solutions. Our team of analysts, developers, testers, etc. map your grocery
business for a comprehensive grocery delivery app solution. Our analysts study your
grocery business with respect to your geographical market and can help you in improving
your business models. Translating the business models into grocery apps that are
intuitive, our developers integrate the most essential features like automated
management of orders, tracking deliveries real-time, etc.

Taxi App Development

We helps you grow your taxi business operations with comprehensive solutions. We help
taxi businesses explore the online path by teaming up with them. The cab management
system we offer you helps you to track, promote and modernize your rides. Our mobile app
development team can help improve your current faulty system or they can work with you
from the very scratch. With a team of business analysts, UI-UX designers, QA team,
back-end taxi app programmers you get a full view of your business. And develop its
possibilities with the power of our experience and technology.

Food Delivery App Development

We make apps that connect restaurants with smartphones to make life easier for customers.
Food-delivery applications serve city-dwellers, hostelers, travelers, etc among other
users. We understand the customer needs, usage patterns and latest trends to frame
mobile screens that are both rich in features and appearance. This unique quality of our
team has made us the most customer-oriented mobile app development company. We work with
spirited individuals, independent restaurants, startups, multi-restaurant food
chains,etc to provide them our complete restaurant app development services.

Doctor Appointment App

Doctor appointment app is the future of modern medicine. It empowers doctors, patients
and healthcare enterprises to capitalize on a simple but powerful technological device
i.e the smartphone. On-demand doctor booking apps can help the patients connect to
doctors instantly, share reports and get prescriptions from home. Our mobile app
development team with an industry-wide experience of more than a decade is well equipped
for this task. Our budget-friendly and easy-to-launch solutions ensure that your app
provides the right experience at the right time. It brings together all stakeholders -
doctors, patients and other health technicians - into a single platform.

Travels App Development

We crafts excellent mobile applications for our clients across the globe. We build custom
made, feature-rich and user-friendly mobile applications to enhance the user experience
for our clients in USA, UK, India, and across the globe. Building an application for
flight ticket booking is a boon for regular travelers. We integrate UI/UX which will
serve as an eye candy, with the mobile and this is what makes our solutions

Restaurant App Development

We have ideated and developed innovative restaurant mobile applications. With the years
of experience we've gathered, we'll make sure that it comes handy at any situation
necessary. With Nomizo at your service, mobile app development for your restaurant is no
longer a dream. Our developers are capable of building applications to serve every need
you wish for. No more confusions at the table, we've sorted it out through our
restaurant app development strategy.

Logistics Management App

Managing the vehicle fleet on run and ensuring timely and precise delivery may not be
much of an easy task for the logistics industry these days. With the growing
communication and ease of transportation, there arises a high and undeniable need for
responsible logistics. Mindster will design and develop the perfect logistics app for
your business needs and thus making your customers happy and satisfied. We also create
on demand uber for trucks as well for better transportation and management.

Car Rental App

A car rental app will help raise awareness of your business among customers. If you
already have a business that rents cars, creating your own app will be a great way to
make the process of selling your services simpler for your consumers. What’s more,
increased brand awareness will cause you to attract new customers. A car rental app is
not only a platform for customers, but also for the administrator: that is, you. Once
you have a wider fleet of vehicles, it will definitely be easier for you to manage it.

Our E-commerce Applications Are Feature-Rich and User Friendly

We understand what you’re looking for in an app. So we create the perfect white label e-commerce applications.

Customer App

A customer app with sound UI design and quality features that render a seamless user experience. It covers all the below aspects of the service.

Easy onboarding

Hassle-free onboarding processes to facilitate quick login to the app

Native app

A native app to provide better services to the respective platform

Product categories

Products are listed under various categories to enable easy navigation and search

Product navigation

Product navigation made simpler through a search bar on the home page

Multiple payment options

Customer can do the payments using different modes like debit card, online payments etc,.

Multilingual support

Multiple languages are supported for better communication and interaction


Cart available to add products that can be checked out immediately or later

Add to favourites

Favourite products can be marked favourite to get notified during a price drop


Banners to provide an impressive and interactive look and feel for the user

Ad section

An advertisement section added to view ads on any updates or products

Review & ratings

Users can add reviews and ratings on the products they’ve purchased

Profile settings

Profile can be customised the way the user wants to ensure easy usage


Banners to provide an impressive and interactive look and feel for the user

Ad section

An advertisement section added to view ads on any updates or products

Review & ratings

Users can add reviews and ratings on the products they’ve purchased

Profile settings

Profile can be customised the way the user wants to ensure easy usage


Notifications to inform the user about the current status of their order

Coupons and promo codes

Coupons and promo codes to buy your favourite products at a discounted rate

Social media login

Social media login facilitates quick login for users to their account

Filter option

Filter to sort the products based on the parameters the user wish to search for

Live dashboard

Interactive admin dashboard to facilitate easy functioning of the application

Manage banners & ads

Admin can manage banners and advertisements which are to be run in the app.

Product management

Admin manages the products which are showcased in the app

Store management

Admin can manage the stores which can sell their products in the app

Employee management

Managing the employees involved is something the admin can do with this feature

Manage product listing

Admin can mage the product listing with the help of this feature

Product addition

Admin can add or remove products using this feature

Track orders

Admin can track orders to ensure timely delivery and good customer service

Order history

Order history will be available for admin’s reference

Customer data

Customer data is saved and admin have access to this data if needed


Reports are generated at a regular interval to monitor performances

Offer creation

Admin has the permission to create new offers for the customers

Advanced Features

Apart from the basic features, additional features can be integrated with the application to accentuate the performance and user experience.

Seller app

Seller app for the sellers to manage their sales with an easy to handle app

Multi vendor inclusion

Multi vendor inclusion is possible by integrating this feature to the application

Wallet options

Wallet integration to the application made possible through this feature

AI integration

Artificial intelligence can also be integrated to the app to provide advanced user experience

Customer service

Customer services can be added to enhance the user experience

Customized user dashboard

Each user will get a personalized dashboard with the help of this feature

Daily deals

Daily deals can be showcased in the app to attract the users attention


The products that you wish to buy can be added to the wishlist for future updates

Store pickup

Store pickup feature will enable the products to be picked up from stores directly

Credit facility

Credit facility is now available in many sites to help the users with purchases

EMI facility

The payment can be divided and done as installments with this feature

Live location

Rides can be cancelled using this feature in case of emergencies

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